Jewelry Repair in Miami, FL

Jewelry can break or tarnish, settings can bend, and stones can fall out.

When you need a jewelry repair in Miami, FL, we have the means to help. Our jewelry technicians are on-site to make some simpler repairs. In some instances, we may need to send repairs out so that they can be done thoroughly – though we have a full process to get your wedding ring or other piece back to you as quickly as possible.

Some of the issues you may have include:

Broken Clasp
Tangled Chain
Loose Stone
Bent Prong
Missing Post

Watch Repairs

In addition to helping you with jewelry repairs, we can also help with watch repairs. Whether you have a battery-operated or a self-winding Rolex watch, there may be repairs that need to be performed. If the watch isn’t keeping time or one of the chronographs has stopped working, we can provide comprehensive repairs.

Even getting the right fit for your jewelry falls into repairs.

Jewelry Repair
Watch Repair
Is a ring too tight or too loose? Do you need a link taken out of your watch so that it fits properly? Whatever jewelry you have, it’s important that it fits properly. Our staff can handle your jewelry with care to ensure that the various issues are addressed.

We’ll Help Repair Your Jewelry

We provide free quotes for repairs. If you have any kind of damaged jewelry, bring it in. We’ll look at what’s wrong and what it will take for it to be wearable again.

Broken jewelry does you no good – if it’s broken, you can’t wear it. If you do wear it while it’s damaged, you run the risk of further damage or losing valuable stones.

Stop by Celebrity Jewelry today during business hours. Even the oldest jewelry can be repaired, and we have the skills to make it

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