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Jewelry is a way to decorate yourself for the day or for a special occasion. There’s nothing more thrilling than pairing a gemstone with a particular outfit. Watching a wedding ring or bracelet catch the sunlight so that everything shines and shimmers is a guaranteed way to put a smile on your face.

At Celebrity Jewelry, we are the place where you can find pieces from around the world. Every piece is unique, allowing you to boast about your baubles. Whether you live in Miami, FL or you’re visiting, you’re welcome to visit our showroom to see what all the fuss is about.

Name-Worthy Italian Jewelry

Especially if you’re planning on hitting the nightlife of South Beach or attending a charity event in Coral Gables, you want your jewelry to be front and center. Stop trying to find the right piece online – allow us to show you what we have waiting for you.

You’ll find Italian jewelry, designer brands like Cartier and Rolex, and so much more. You can surround yourself with class and sophistication based on the way that you choose to accessorize.

Antique Jewelry

No one can have too much jewelry. After all, there’s everyday jewelry and special occasion jewelry. We can even help you to choose antique, upcycled estate jewelry that can be passed down through the generations. Every piece you own should tell a story, and we can help you tell yours every step of the way.

Our professional staff looks forward to helping you shop. We can give you a tour of the showroom, talk to you about what is special about each piece, and help you choose a piece that you will be proud to wear. We also offer jewelry repair!

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Some pieces may not have any stones. Others may have a solitary stone to take center stage or may be encrusted with smaller stones to create a bit more glitz and glamour.

What’s the occasion for shopping for jewelry? Whether it’s so that you can look your best for a night out on the town or it’s so that you can shower the one you love with affection, we’re here to help.

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