Tysheka Pink July 19, 2022

Tysheka Pink

"Miki is the best hands down!! he as well as his employees has the best customer service!!! I've been shopping for jewelry for many years with him and he has always came through with the best quality gold!!!"
Nastacia Buchanan June 27, 2022

Nastacia Buchanan

"I got my gold teeth done here, they were nice overall but I still feel like they are to big! Alex did try to fix them however they still caused me to talk funny for weeks so now I don't even wear them. Good customer service but needs to understand customized golds to a person mouth with no flaws"
Erika Carballea May 4, 2022

Erika Carballea

"Amazing experience Beautiful customer service he has all the jewelry that you looking for the best Prices"